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Here's the problem.

Healthcare lacks personalized and definitive answers about what food and exercise practices are best for your body.

‘Big Wellness’ doesn't have those answers either.

Wearables are a step (pun intended) in the right direction, but their data is too pedestrian (again, we couldn’t help ourselves), and one-dimensional.

You deserve access to better, deeper, ensemble data about what works for you.

So we spent millions of dollars and the last five years building it.

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We invented a research-grade infrared spectrometer and designed it for use in your own home.

It ‘looks’ at a tiny sample of blood to measure patterns of blood response. These patterns provide a new kind of information about the impact of food and exercise choices on the body.

We then created 21-day programs consisting of the most expertly validated lifestyle interventions, and measured response using hundreds of COR spectrometers in IRB-approved research studies. As expected, each program produced a range of high, medium, and low/no response among study participants.

% We’ve got 10 patents on the COR spectrometer so far, with research ongoing. And the COR is now available in limited quantities.


COR unlocks what everybody on an optimization journey really wants to know.

Instead of blindly committing years of time and energy on low-impact practices, you can discover, isolate, and integrate only the interventions you have the highest response to. 

As of today, you can join the world’s top self-optimizers as a COR pioneer.

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