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Our mission is to show you how your body responds to medically researched nutrition and fitness practices.

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Today, billions of people are invested in optimizing their lifestyle, but the tools available to isolate, track, and design high-impact lifestyles are extremely limited. Consumers get fed Big Wellness headlines and try out the suggestions with little more data to assess them than ‘how they feel’ as a result, how they look in a mirror, or–at most–how their heart rate or blood sugar responds.
COR changes all of that. We’ve developed an at-home spectrometer, paired with a data analytics machine based on tens of millions (and growing) data points. Together, this solution allows people to discover what food and fitness practices are highest impact for them.
Choose from a premade program or build your own. Complete a check-in that involves a once a week painless finger prick, put the cartridge in the spectrometer and walk away, mark off your daily to-do, and receive your report after 21 days.
With COR, getting deep, personalized feedback on your lifestyle design is finally possible.
Test → track → discover.
It’s that simple.

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The 2021 COR.RELATE Research Study

COR.RELATE is a formal IRB-approved research study to produce initial data sets that show statistically significant blood differences correlated to food, supplements and fitness programs. COR.RELATE has thus far involved hundreds of participants with hundreds of COR consoles in their homes. We currently have tens of millions of data points, and that number continues to grow. 

Our technology and data compendium is designed to detect differential responses to research proven practices across different people, something seen in every research study. It provides a quick feedback loop of information to users (21 day cycles), and enables you to use that information to get the highest ROI in your lifestyle choices.

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