Today, billions of people are invested in optimizing their lifestyle, but the tools available to isolate, track, and design high-impact lifestyles are extremely limited. Consumers get fed Big Wellness headlines and try out the suggestions with little more data to assess them than ‘how they feel’ as a result, how they look in a mirror, or–at most–how their heart rate or blood sugar responds.

COR changes all of that. We’ve developed an at-home optical instrument, paired with a data analytics machine based on tens of millions (and growing) data points. Together, this solution allows people to discover what food and fitness practices are highest impact for them.

Choose from a premade program or build your own. Complete a check-in that involves a once a week painless fingerprick, put the cartridge in the Cor and walk away, see your progress in the app.

With COR, getting deep, personalized feedback on your lifestyle design is finally possible.

Try → track → discover → share.

It’s that simple.