Get The COR - Inflammation Edition


Track your inflammation through blood erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Do Cor Sprints - food and fitness interventions that are medically validated to reduce inflammation. COR Sprints are 21-day “experiments” where you explore a library of highly researched food and fitness practices, and find your personal best, through data.  You click off choices in the app daily and, once a week, you do a finger prick “check-in” using our in-home inflammation reader, the COR Console.  Your life improvement journey begins here, month by month you improve your COR Score by finding YOUR best lifestyle practices.

What’s included in the COR starter kit

  • The COR Console, a breakthrough infrared spectrometer platform
  • COR Check-in Starter Kit
    • Sample station
    • Power supply
    • Link to download the free app
    • Everything you need to understand your results
    • Detailed directions to guide you
    • Help along the way if you need it
    • Digital and printable results
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Please include at least one Cor Sprint with your order